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Adelia in orbit around the planet Xenon In the earth year 2554 C.E., the Red Point 4 Mining Company's spaceship "Adelia" entered orbit around the planet Xenon (Ursa 3), in the Ursa solar system located fifteen light years from earth. A subsidiary company was established under the name Xenon Mining Corporation (XMC). By the end of the first decade, five mines had been established along with two processing plants and nine residential colonies. The mineral zenite was plentiful and was being processed and exported at an incredible rate.

zenite crystal
Decades passed. While the need for zenite was holding steady, news came that an artificial substitute had been developed which was cheaper than the natural mineral. Company managers knew that this was not a threat at the present, but could be so if the artificial substitute was ever produced in large quantities.
solar flares on Ursa In the earth year 3103 C.E., astronomers aboard the Adelia began to see solar flares developing on the star Ursa. Several months later, they determined that the flares would become massive enough to affect the electrical systems on the ship and disrupt operations on the surface. The ship's crew decided to move the ship from orbit around Xenon to a location farther out in the system, out of reach the solar flares. The Red Point 4 executives on Mars gave orders for the ship to return to Mars instead as it was not known how long the flares would last. The Adelia then set out for Mars, but the people on the surface did not know the ship departed.
the planet Xenon at night during
    electrical/radiation storm Weeks passed and the electrical surges increased and therefore were blamed for the inability of the people on the planet to communicate with the Adelia. During a period of several days, the night sky was green and yellow and the radiation levels so high that people had to move underground into the mines.
beserk robots While the main power generators had been shut down, the servers controlling the robots restarted when their emergency generators automatically started. Powerful surges from the flares destroyed their circuits. Instead of the robots ceasing to function, they went rampant, destroying everything they saw. With the robots on the surface and the people hiding in the mines, the situation on Xenon became desparate.
robot destruction of a railway locomotive

Robot destruction of railway locomotives.

The Layout

Mines of Xenon layout         toxic waste pool
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The Mines of Xenon layout depicts the situation on Xenon as the robots are running rampant, and the humans are scrounging for supplies, and fighting for survival. Several rail systems have been put into operating condition and are the only way to ensure safe passage over and under the planet surface until the humans can find a way to deactivate the robots.
War Locomoitve HH-78 at Turbo Station 8C
War Locomotive HH-78 leaves Turbo Station 8C for another encounter with the rogue robots.
sideview of War Locomotive HH-78

War Locomotives are locomotives converted to fight the robots. Plows are installed on the front end to damage and push the robots off the tracks and the rear cab has been modified to be a weapons platorm to destroy the robots approaching from the sides or the rear.

turbo train        turbo power car at Turbo Station 8C

A dismal trip for the turbo: it arrives at Turbo Station 8C without its car.

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