Cover of 45 Original Trackplans by Bernard Kempinski

45 Original Track Plans

Bernard Kempinski

A book review by Jack Hess
from Fantasy Trains website

A friend told me this book has a Martian trackplan (Plan #15).
Since Martian track plans don't pop up every month (or decade), I had to
get a copy and see what the author had come up with.
Contents of 45 Original Track Plans The book contains forty five track plans,
fifteen each: small, medium, and large.
lead photo Each article is on two pages, so that no matter where the book is opened, the entire article is seen.

The first page of the article (the left page) has a printed reverse tab at the top telling the reader the size of track plan being read; blue for small, red for medium and green for large. The plan number is printed in this tab in gray text.

The titles of the articles reflect the location. Some are industries, some centers of operations, some are locations. The majority have a lead photo and a few have artwork. Most have additional photos or artwork to support the lead photo.
The text is brief and concise. It begins by descibing the setting
and then gives ideas for the track plan and operation.
Also, there are ideas for rolling stock.
textbox example A text box contains the stats. This includes the name, the scale/gauge, the prototype, and the number of cars that can run in a train.
example track plan The track plans are beautiful, all drawn in full color. Locations are labeled and track lines are clear as well as buildings, streets, etc. A grid shows the size of the space needed. Some of the articles have two plans, the main plan and an alternate for smaller spaces.
A variety of scales and gauges are represented:
O, On30, S, Sn30, HO/OO, HOn3, N/Z.
I was impressed with the book. The articles are well planned
and well executed. They present a variety of modeling scenarios not
usually addressed by the model railroad media.
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Bernard Kempinski is a freelance writer who has written more than
40 magazine articles and several books on model railroading, many
of them on layout planning. He is an active model railroader and has
built many models on commission.

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