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19th Century Business Car

A Cute Little Coach from Two RailKing Cabooses

by Jack Hess
the completed car
I wanted to build a business car to go along with my two passenger cars, but I didn't want to use the RailKing Overton cars as a starting point. The two passenger cars are shown below.
coach #23 coach #24

I. Body Rough In

A. Body Chopping

two RailKing cabooses used for project Here are the two RailKing cabooses I used to build the business car. They were stripped of underframe, windows, platforms, smokejack, cupola, and marker lights.
test cutting a bay widow caboose body Before I cut the caboose bodies, I made several test cuts. This MTH bay window caboose was test cut with my Craftsman Chop Saw with a 40 tpi blade. Chunks were broken out by the coarse blade.
more test cuts more tests cuts
I switched to a 104 tpi blade and the cut was still rough. I then used a 200 tpi blade to cut the bodies.
pink foam placed inside body during cutting I filled the inside of the each body with pink foam to stabilze the body during cutting.
yellow body cut in two red body cut in two
Cutting the bodies into two pieces.
cut body halves fit together When I fit the body halves, I didn't like the middle window.
body halves recut and refitted I recut the body to eliminate the middle window. Halves were glued together with epoxy for plastic.

B. New Underframe

scratchbuilt floor scratchbuilt floor
car is roughed in A new chassis was made from .060 styrene sheet. Walthers queenposts were added along with fishing line for trussrods. Kadee couplers were mounted along with MTH T-Section archbar caboose trucks. Here is the rough-in of the car with proper coupler height.

II. Final Details

body details added Details on the body have been added and await final sanding. The roof didn't have any overhang so it was extended with .080 quarter round. Lettering boards made from .015 strip. Belt rail is .080 wide. Smoke stack holes have been plugged.
I drilled new holes for the stacks, added clear styrene for windows. The body is painted dark brown with an avocado roof to match the other two cars. completed car

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